1. Increase takeout sales by 50% with the largest delivery platform in the U.S. and Canada


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                    More business, less effort

                    up to60%
                    Profit on incremental orders

                    Today, more and more people want the convenience of delivery. Our app reaches 80% of consumers in America. Your restaurant will be seen by millennials, parents, and even companies who need catering - all without the costs of a dine-in experience.

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                    Reach new customers

                    92% of orders come from entirely new customers

                    We feature your menu on our app and website so that customers can discover your restaurant and order food. All of this will be done without you needing to lift a finger!

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                    We give options, you call the shots

                    37 min
                    Average delivery time

                    We use our strong Dasher network to fulfill your delivery orders within 37 minutes on average. So your food is delivered to your customer exactly how you prepared it.

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                    You cook, we deliver

                    Join the largest delivery platform in the U.S. and Canada

                    • #1
                      Market share
                    • 80%
                      Consumer reach
                    • 4,000
                    • 300,000


                    By fulfilling deliveries as far as 25 miles from your location, DoorDash enables your business to reach a customer base well beyond the traditional dine-in experience.

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                    Make up to 60% net profit on incremental delivery orders. With none of the overhead costs of a traditional dine-in experience, you can focus on cookingwe'll do the rest.

                    How margins work

                    We help you get your brand out there in front of new customers. Your restaurant is showcased in the app with just the right visual flair to catch attention.

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                    300,000+ businesses on DoorDash and growing

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